A tried-and-tested solution

Primary packaging (glass jars)

German Baby Food GmbH specialises in bottling glass jars. There are all sorts of advantages to using this material: it is odourless and tasteless, so your recipes will continue to taste as great as they did on the first day, even if a lot of time has passed since bottling. It is also bacteriologically safe and therefore hygienic to use. What’s more, glass is an extremely environmentally friendly product as it can be widely recycled.

We offer a broad range of packaging formats for baby food in glass jars:

  • 125 g glass jar
  • 190 g glass jar
  • 220 g glass jar
  • 250 g glass jar (two different diameters available)
  • 200 ml glass bottle
  • 500 ml glass bottle
  • 750 ml glass bottle

If you’re looking for bottling services for your (organic) foods and culinary products, we will be more than happy to take a look at your individual requirements for glass jars and lids, perhaps by meeting with you in person to discuss your specific needs.


Bundled items

Secondary packaging

We offer products in shrink-foiled units of six as standard. Sleeves of two and four are also possible.